Jazz Talk

Jazz Talk is a new column written periodically by one of our staff   to share impressions of concerts or musicians, recordings or anything related to jazz they find interesting. The column’s aim is to entertain and inform and we hope you enjoy it and share it with friends. The opinions expressed in the column are of the author only.

We’re now opening up Jazz Talk to all of our email subscribers. If you have an opinion you want to share about Jazz, specific musicians, performances seen, books, almost anything about Jazz, we’d like to hear from you. For submissions, please use our contact page.

We can’t promise that everyone will be published or that you will get a response if your article is not published on the site. There are only a few ground rules for submissions to be considered. It must be your own writing, it can’t contain offensive language, and it should not contain personal attacks of any kind. All submissions must contain the name of the author and email address and are subject to spelling, grammatical corrections, and editing for length. Links to youtube are acceptable, but please don’t submit music that you do not own.

If your article is chosen to be published you will receive an email confirming that we have your permission to publish the article, including any minor edits we may have made. Provided you email back your permission, the article will be published on our site. As a non-profit we cannot give any compensation except our hearty thanks for sharing your love of Jazz.