Pennycook School Loves Jazz!

A concert was presented by the Vallejo Jazz Society Quartet at Pennycook Elementary on March 21, 2014 to introduce the children to jazz. The students of Ms. Heidl’s third grade class at Pennycook Elementary rewarded our musicians with a packet of hand printed ‘thank you’ notes decorated with musical notes, instruments, and hearts. 

The musicians playing for the children were Bryan Girard on Saxophone, Dalt Williams on bass. Bob Nadler on drums and Wayne De La Cruz on keyboards. Special guest, local vocalist Frankye Kelly, appeared and introduced the kids to scat singing. Here is a photo of the concert followed by a few examples of the children’s thank you notes in  their own handwriting.

VJS-Pennycook 005

L-R : Bob Nadler, Drums, Frankye Kelly, Vocals, Dalt Williams, Bass, Bryan Girard, Sax, Wayne De La Cruz, Keyboards

Pennycook thankyou like how you all played-str

Pennycook thankyou11 dalt and frankye

Pennycook thankyou10 Moira liked everything

Pennycook thankyou6 jazz and blues

Pennycook thankyou22 drummer and play piano

I think we may have made some new fans! smiley-face-listening-to-music-with-headphones

music notes

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